Paolo Bagnaresi

Consiglio per la Ricerca e la Sperimentazione in Agricoltura
Genomics Research Centre
via S. Protaso, 302
I -29017 Fiorenzuola d'Arda PC, Italy

Curriculum vitae
Paolo Bagnaresi obtained a PhD in Biology and Physiology of the Cell from University of Bologna .
His main research activities consisted in molecular and biochemical approaches for characterization of plant enzymes. More recently, he has focused in bioinformatics. Currently , his main reasearch interest lies in bioinformatic analysis of RNA-seq data using R (Bioconductor) , Python and Visual basic programming languages.
His former research experiences include two years as research associate at Baylor college of medicine (Houston, Texas) and a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at Montellier (ENSAM, bochimistry and physiology of plants).

Since 2008 he is researcher at CRA-Genomics Research Centre.

Current research interests
His main reasearch interest lies in bioinformatic analysis of RNA-seq data using R (Bioconductor) , Python and Visual basic programming languages.

Selected recent publications

  1. MATIĆ S, BAGNARESI P, BISELLI C, ORRU’ L, AMARAL CARNEIRO G, SICILIANO I, VALÉ G, GULLINO ML, SPADARO D: Comparative transcriptome profiling of resistant and susceptible rice genotypes in response to the seedborne pathogen Fusarium fujikuroi. BMC Genomics 2016, 17:608 BMC Genomics 2016, 17:608
  2. BALDONI E, BAGNARESI P, LOCATELLI F, MATTANA M, GENGA A: Comparative Leaf and Root Transcriptomic Analysis of two Rice Japonica Cultivars Reveals Major Differences in the Root Early Response to Osmotic Stress. Rice 2016, 9:25
  3. BARBIERATO V, TOPPINO L, RINALDI P, SALA T, BASSOLINO L, VALÈ G, FERRARINI A, DELLEDONNE M, BAGNARESI P, ROTINO GL: Phenotypical and gene expression analyses of Rfo-sa1 resistant eggplant interaction with Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melongenae and Verticillium dahliae. Plant Pathol 2016
  4. CARLETTI G, CARRA A, ALLEGRO G, VIETTO L, DESIDERIO F, BAGNARESI P, GIANINETTI A, CATTIVELLI L, VALÈ G, NERVO G: QTLs for Woolly Poplar Aphid (Phloeomyzus passerinii L.) Resistance Detected in an Inter-Specific Populus deltoides x P. nigra Mapping Population. PLoS One 2016, 11:e0152569
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  10. URSO S, DESIDERIO F, BISELLI C, BAGNARESI P, CRISPINO L, PIFFANELLI P, ABBRUSCATO P, ASSENZA F, GUARNIERI G, CATTIVELLI L, VALÈ G: Genetic analysis of durable resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae in the rice accession Gigante Vercelli identified two blast resistance loci. Mol Genet Genomics 2015.
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The Genomics Research Centre holds a collection of more than one hundred barley mutants.

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