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The mission

The Research Centre holds expertise in the fields of structural and functional plant genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics. The research activities aim at widening the understanding of the structure and function of genes and their products, genetically improving crop species, and increasing food quality, safety and security, all within a general frame of agricultural sustainability and of product and process innovation.

The main research activities pertain to the study of the genetic bases of plant yield and quality traits, the response/resistance to diseases and the adaptation to climatic changes and abiotic stresses. The laboratory in Fiorenzuola is the only one competent for malt barley analysis in Italy. Additional research themes regard the characterization and conservation of genetic resources, and the identification of markers for the traceability of food products.

Straw cereals (barley, oat, triticale, durum wheat, soft wheat and rice) are the main crops considered, though having collaborations with other research centres has expanded the species studied (e.g. vegetables, trees, industrial crops).

Breeding activity is carried out in collaboration with private companies and has led to the registration of several successful varieties of barley, oat and triticale.

The centre host undergraduates, masters students and PhD students for short visits, specialization courses, training and seminars. The range of research on different crops and the openness of the working environment has made the laboratories in Fiorenzuola a focus point for young researchers who want to learn/extend their learning using the advanced molecular biology techniques on offer.


The Genomics Research Centre holds a collection of more than one hundred barley mutants.

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