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The Centre has five research laboratories and an experimental farm.

  • Genomics and Molecular Breeding
    The Centre has a laboratory for plant genomics molecular biology, bioinformatics, molecular genetics and genetic transformation. The lab is equipped with capillary sequencers, robotic laboratory workstations, instruments for the DNA amplification (PCR, qPCR, HRMqPCR), next generation sequencing equipment (Illumina GAIIx), server, softwares for data analyses, etc.
  • Proteomics
    There are main expertise and facilities for protein separation and the analysis of post-translational modifications: equipment for 2-DE, Typhoon Variable Imager and Platinum GE software for gel analysis, ESI-LTQ mass spectrometer coupled to LC.
  • Plant physiology and Phenotyping
    The laboratory is mainly dedicated to photosynthetic analysis (gas exchange system LI-COR6400, chlorophyll fluorometers, portable leaf area meter) under controlled (six growth chambers are available) and field conditions.
  • Malting & Food Quality
    The laboratory has equipments for malting analysis including an Automatic Micromalting System and various devices for routine analyses of grain and malt samples (friabilimeter, refractometer, rotational viscosimeter etc).
  • Experimental farm
    The Centre runs a fully equipped experimental farm of about 16 ha dedicated to breeding and field trials of barley, what, oat and triticale.

The Centre has about 50 staff, of which 30 have a permanent position.


The Genomics Research Centre holds a collection of more than one hundred barley mutants.

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Genomics Research Centre
Via S. Protaso, 302
29017 Fiorenzuola d'Arda (PC) - ITALY
+39 0523 983758
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We thank Renzo Alberici, Donata Pagani and Gianni Tacconi for setting up the picture collection.